Zermatt Insurance Group, Inc. is pleased to offer the following programs:

  • Non-Taxable Income Plan -  An employer can provide income to selected executives which is tax-deductible to the business but not taxable to the executive (in whole or in part).  This IRS-approved non-taxable income plan allows employers to take advantage of this income exclusion.
  • Charitable Legacy Program - This program provides donors with a way to leave a sizeable amount of assets ($25 M or more) to their favorite charity at very little cost to themselves.
  • Life Insurance for Business Owners - Zermatt Insurance Group, Inc. provides specially-designed life insurance policies for business owners and executives at little or no cost to the business owner or executive.
  • Section 125 (Cafeteria) Plans - This type of plan allows employees to pay employee portion of medical insurance, group life contributions, 401(k) plan contributions, uncovered expenses, and child and dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars.
  • Retiree Medical Plans - A retiree medical plan permits a company to set aside funds for payment or reimbursement of health expenses after retirement on a tax-deductible and tax-exempt basis.
  • Pension Rescue - These programs offer underfunded defined benefit pension plans the ability to become sufficient and terminate with a minimal cost and risk to the sponsoring employer.
  • Charitable Gift Annuities - A charitable gift annuity may be issued to a donor who irrevocable transfers property or cash to a qualifying charity.  As part of the exchange, the donor receive a promised payment from the charity in the form of a lifetime annuity.
  • Captive Insurance Solutions - Businesses already self-insurance many risks, such as exclusions from liability policies, terrorism, litigation, political risks, cyber risk, natural disasters (floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.). A captive insurance company can be used to set aside funds to cover these risks in addition to providing funding for deductibles and for coverages unavailable in the marketplace.
  • Defined Benefit Pension Plans - These plans offer an employer the opportunity to more adequately provide retirement benefits for the older business owner.  Additional deductions can be obtained to help bolster otherwise inadequate retirement income.
  • Private Placement Annuities - These annuities, for accredited investors and qualified purchasers, provide the advantages of annuities with a choice of investments for every risk profile and market. Also available for executive IRA accounts.