Private Placement Annuity (IRA)


You have worked hard to save and prepare for retirement.  You meet the requirements to be an Accredited Investor or Qualified Purchaser and are continuing to progress toward your goal.  You have at least $250,000 available for investment, or in an IRA, Roth IRA or qualified plan.

The Problem:

Economic uncertainty, and stock market volatility have created the potential for significant losses in your retirement investments.  Will the dollar continue to be devalued?  Will Congress work together with the President to balance the country's budget?  Will gas prices continue to rise?  Will unemployment and the mortgage defaults ever get fixed? What if China starts to selling its US dollars? How much will my dollar buy when it's time to retire?

The Need:

You need investments that will:

1) Retain their value both in up and down markets no matter what happens;

2) Provide consistent investment returns greater than money market rates currently available without risking your principal;

3) Grow faster than inflation, and

4) Position you to be able to retire on funds you can count on.

The Solution:

A Private Placement Annuity or Individual Retirement Annuity with Zermatt Insurance Group, Inc. (ZIGI) offers access to yields and safety with guarantees and low volatility.  ZIGI uses proven strategies, managers and investments to obtain consistent, higher returns than are available through banks and less risk and volatility than those available in stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

ZIGI uses fund managers and strategies which are generally available only to investors with $10 million or more to invest.  Each quarter ZIGI declares its current earnings rate based on the actual returns. A review of historical performance on the fund portfolio over the past 5 years indicates that a consistent return of 7% per year may potentially be achieved.