• Non-Taxable Income Plan

  • Charitable Legacy Program

  • Life Insurance for Business Owners

  • Section 125 Cafeteria Plan

  • Retiree Medical

    Take tax deductions now for funding future retiree medical expenses.
  • Pension Rescue

    Multiple strategies to rescue underfunded pension plans.
  • Charitable Gift Annuities

    A charitable gift annuity provides a donor with a lifetime annuity and tax benefits.
  • Captive Insurance Solutions

    Reduce your existing insurance costs and add coverage previously unavailable.
  • Defined Benefit Pension Plans

    Maximizing retirement benefits for older business owners.
  • Private Placement Annuity

    Access top fund managers with less than $10 million!
  • Executive Deferred Compensation

    Tax efficient deferred compensation benefits for selected executives.

Captive Insurance Companies

Zermatt Insurance Group, Inc. (“Zermatt”) offers small and medium-sized businesses the benefits of captive insurance company ownership for a fraction of the costs normally required.   Let us provide your business with complete “turn-key” management of all aspects of a captive insurance company.  By joining with our established company, your business will meet the minimum capital normally required by the state department of insurance without your having to tie up thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of dollars for capital and surplus.  You will be able to adopt a separate series (cell) within our captive insurance company which you can control and profit from.

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Using Defined Benefit Pension Plans to Enhance Executive Retirement Benefits:
A slide presentation of the benefits to be derived through the use of a Defined Benefit Pension Plan.

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